Concrete Cutting & Resurfacing Perth

Using a Professional Concrete Cutter for Renovations

Concrete is one of the most common construction materials in the world and as it comprises of cement and water; it’s also just as affordable. Building companies rely on it to provide structural support and integrity to walls within properties of all sizes – and its water and heat resistant nature also makes it ideal for use as framework and foundations for homes.

People have been attempting to use similar formulas for centuries, but only recently has access to concrete become as widespread as it is right now. With its wide range of uses it’s often overlooked, until it comes face to face with, or acts as, a type of barrier when it needs to be worked around. Home renovations are one of the main reasons for a layer of concrete needing to be addressed and unfortunately, once this material has set it can be all but impossible to remove without extensive effort.

Treating Concrete Professionally

There are only a few methods of removing concrete and they include breaking it down, causing it to disintegrate, or cutting into it. Of these options the latter is becoming increasingly popular, as in many instances being able to cut shapes out of concrete can help to maintain the structural integrity of a property, without restricting renovations.

For these events there are a range of tools available – some of which are considered professional and industrial in nature. Using a professional concrete cutter for renovations can help to minimise the efforts involved with a project; but they should only be used by those with training and licensing to do so.

What types of tools are available?

The first, and most prominent, of cutting tools is referred to within the industry as a concrete chainsaw. These accessories can vary in size – from being small and hand-held, right up to vehicle sized. The larger the disk, the more substantial the cutting potential can be, with those measuring over a metre able to cut right through even the thickest layers of concrete with relative ease.

They can be very dangerous to use however, and without the proper attention and care misuse can be fatal. Fortunately most come with safety guidelines and accessories that can be fitted to ensure that those using them are as protected as possible, but it can be a lot more beneficial to hire a trained contractor to take care of their use to minimise risk.

Where renovations are concerned it can sometimes be more beneficial to use the smaller, hand-held variants; or a different type of cutting tool altogether. Some tool manufacturers provide sanding disks that work to eat away at layers of concrete, as opposed to cutting through them. Regardless of the type of tool that is being used, be it a sander, a cutting disk, or a jackhammer to break through the solidified cement – it’s very important to wear the correct safety gear as concrete dust can be harmful to inhale.



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    Very informative video about Concrete restoration.

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  2. Excellent video guys, Short and sweet

    Very informative video about Concrete restoration.

    Does Hi-Tech do basement floor repair?

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