Solar Hot Water Perth

Solar Hot Water Panel Maintenance in Perth

Thousands of homes across Australia take full advantage of the potential of solar hot water panels. These unique devices offer much more than cheaper bills and a lower energy consumption; in fact many property owners rely on them to completely replace the need for electricity to power and heat their water sources.

Although the internal connections won’t be directly accessible the external panel will be, and as a result it’s this component that will be exposed to a variety of elements (not to mention wildlife and other factors, too). There’s no quicker way to speed up the decay of a functional panel than by allowing it to suffer and that’s where a quick spot of maintenance can come in handy.

It’s important to note that any maintenance should only ever be undertaken by an expert and preferably one that understands the complex construction of solar panels. Depending on the location of the panel/s, it may be a necessity to wear safety gear, especially if using a ladder. With all of the right precautions taken, the next few tasks relate to the maintaining of the panel itself.

Keeping connections clear

Most connective ports, including cables and fittings, will be made of a low carbon steel and this can be far more prone to rusting over time. The best way to protect these spots is to clear away any dirt and debris that may have gathered inside of the joints and hinges, and then consider applying a layer of rubber, or protective silicon, to keep harmful elements at bay.

Clearing bird excrement

As beneficial as solar panels can be to home owners and residents, they are also prone to bird infestations. Their large surface offers optimal coverage from the sun during warmer seasons and their metallic construction can act as perches for pigeons and other unwanted pests. To clear away the excrement left behind by birds, it’s important to avoid using abrasive formulas that can play a part in rusting or oxidising metal. Once cleared, deterrents should be installed to keep any birds and wild animals at bay.

Cleaning the surface of the panel

Possibly the most important element of any solar panel is the surface. This large, flat area will work best when it is clean and clear of debris, including dust. If parts of it are concealed, then the amount of energy harvestable from the sun will be reduced. This might not seem like a huge deal, but when considering that a square centimetre of surface area can provide a single watt of energy, the loss will soon add up. The same can be said for dust; although the rays will still be able to penetrate the panel’s surface, they will be restricted to some extent – and this can result in a lesser amount of energy production overall.